10 People Who Took Justice Into Their Own Hands 3 years ago

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We live in a society which is governed by laws. On paper at least, when someone does something bad or illegal, the police will come and arrest them, after which they will stand trial. This system of law is supposed to hand out fair and equal justice to those who break the rules. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem like justice gets served. You can likely think of a few cases where the person being tried for a crime got off the hook because of a loophole, technicality or lenient judge. In most instances, the media and population stew about the decision but do little else. That said, in more rare cases, Joe-Public takes the law into their own hands and dishes up a side of vigilante justice.
There’s something about ‘regular’ people taking the law into their own hands that can be oddly satisfying at times. Yes, we rely on law enforcement to take care of society most of the time but when they can’t or are unwilling to step in, sometimes desperate situations result in desperate measures. This, in itself, doesn’t make vigilante justice correct – as innocent people can be wrongly targeted and even the person handing out the justice can get in harm’s way. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the following people from doing their best Batman impressions and taking the law into their own hands to solve a variety of problems.

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